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Fruit Fly Cultures


Choosing fruit fly cultures can be confusing...

Let us help you!

Which kind of fly should I get? Find out with our in-depth Melanogaster and Hydei Comparison.

What kind of cultures should I get? What does "producing" mean? When you see "producing" cultures, it simply means they are older and should be hatching new flies within 3 days of arriving to you. The non-producing cultures are freshly setup cultures and will not produce any new flies for 2-3 weeks (2 for melanogaster, 3 for hydei).

We are the largest supplier of 32 oz fruit fly cultures in the world making over 1200 cultures every week.  We offer the best cultures in the business.  Please watch the following video to see how your fruit fly cultures will be packed: JOSHSFROGS FRUIT FLY CULTURE SHIPPING STANDARDS 

Need flies on a regular basis?  Give us a call at 1-800-691-8178 to setup a fruit fly subscription!


Live Arrival Guaranteed in any weather for insects and plants. Read more about our Live Arrival Guarantee Here.

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Fruit Fly Cultures