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Chinese Cave Geckos

The Chinese Cave Gecko is scientifically known as Goniurosaurus hainanensis. These awesome geckos have a black/purple base color, with orange/yellow/white bands that crisscross their body. Most notable are their red eyes. Think Chinese Cave Geckos are the right geckos for you? Our Chinese Cave Geckos are exclusively fed gutloaded dubia roaches, so they’re large and robust with nice, fat tails. All Chinese Cave Geckos were bred in-house, and are captive bred from captive bred parents. They’re all genetically diverse and descend from colorful bloodlines. They are produced by experienced herpetoculturists with over 10 years of combined experience with the genus, and come with our best in the industry live arrival and health guarantee. If this gecko is for you, we are too! Make sure to read our blog on Chinese Cave Gecko Care before making a purchase!

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Chinese Cave Geckos