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Cost - Mantellas are similar to dart frogs, in that initial startup costs may be high, but long term costs are very low compared to many other pets.

Maintenance - Mantellas are generally kept in a naturalistic vivarium. Requiring misting 1-2 times a day and clean water, mantellas require a moderate level of maintenance.

Feeding - Like dart frogs, mantellas are microphagus and require food under 1/8" in size. Typically, they are fed 1/8" crickets or fruit flies - both of which may or may not be carried at your local pet store. You may have to culture fruit flies for your pet mantella frogs at home.

Handleability - Captive bred mantellas are harmless and nontoxic, but should not be handled, due to their delicate skin. Mantellas are best treated as display animals.

Visibility / Boldness - Mantellas are active during the day, and are generally out and about. They are visible most of the time, making them a fun pet frog to watch.

Noise - Mantellas will call during the day. This call is of a moderate volume, and rather pleasing.

To learn more about keeping mantellas as pets, please visit our mantella care sheets

For every Mantella we sell, we donate $5 to Association Mitsinjo!

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