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In the wild, your pet reptile or amphibian would eat a huge variety of organisms, thus fulfilling it's dietary requirements. In captivity, providing such a variety is impossible - therefore, Josh's Frogs provides you with all the supplements that your pet reptile or amphibian needs grow, breed, and thrive. Josh's Frogs does recommend replacing all pet reptile or amphibian supplements and color enhancers 6 months after they are opened. The expiration date on the supplements states when the supplements will expire if they are unopened and stored in an ideal environment, and is not what to go by when deciding if your pet's reptile or amphibian supplements are fresh or need replacing.

Supplements contain all the vitamins and minerals that your pet reptile or amphibian requires to stay healthy. Josh's Frogs carries a huge variety of vitamin and mineral supplements to better serve you, including Rep-Cal Supplements, Repashy, Exo-Terra Supplements, T-Rex Supplements, TetraFauna Supplements, and JurrasiPet Supplements. When used alone or in conjunction with each other, these great supplements will ensure that your pet reptile or amphibian live a long, healthy life.

Color Enhancers are a great addition to a regular supplement regimen, and will result in brighter red, yellows, and oranges in your pet reptile or amphibian. It is important to follow the directions on these products, as there can be too much of a good thing.

Looking for more information about supplements and color enhancers for your pets? Check out Josh's Frogs HelpDesk - we've written a wide variety of articles to help make caring for your pet easy.

Already know what supplements and color enhancers are right for you? Don't forget the Live Feeder Insects!

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Zoo Med ReptiVite with D3 (8 oz)

Zoo Med ReptiVite with D3 (8 oz)



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