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Why You Should Use A Rice Hull Pot Instead of Plastic


Good Intentions

In these eco-conscious times, we’re all looking for ways to generate less trash and use less plastic. That may be a difficult thing to do if you’re a plant lover. If you’ve ever planted a garden or landscaped a yard, you know what I mean. We all have that stack (or ten) of plastic pots alongside our garage or in our shed that we don’t want to send to the landfill. We save them with good intentions and the hope of reusing them. Sadly, we end up using a few here or there, but the stack never really gets smaller. Most plants, whether annuals, houseplants or perennials, come in plastic pots. Most of the decorative pots you find in stores are also made from plastic. Plastic is lightweight, durable and has a long life, making it a popular material choice. The downside is that these plastic pots usually end up in landfills, taking up room and not decomposing.  

Plant Based Alternatives

Up until a few short years ago, there wasn’t really a viable alternative to plastic. Now we are starting to see more eco-friendly options such as reusable grow bags and pots made from various plant fibers such as bamboo or rice hulls. You may not have any control over what the plants you’re purchasing are planted in, but you do have options for transplanting. One of the newer, plant based products on the market is rice hull pots. What are rice hulls? Rice hulls are the hard outer portion of a grain of rice that is not edible and is removed during processing. The rice hulls are used for a wide variety of things such as fertilizers, solid fuels and animal bedding.   

Will it last?

After a lot or research and reading, I came upon EcoForms and placed an order. I was impressed with the quality and how strong these pots were. When looking for alternative pots, I may have been thinking a little about peat pots which are flexible and get soft when wet. The EcoForms pots were so hard, it took me by surprise! The biggest benefit I see with these pots is their long life. They’re hard, durable and last up to five years outdoors, and much longer indoors. When their useful life is up, simply add to your compost pile and they’ll break down naturally.  

The Science

The most impressive thing about these pots however, is the way they are made. Rice hulls and starch-based binding agents are combined and formed into pots and planters. Any waste from this manufacturing process is recycled and very little water is used during the entire process. The pigments used for color are organic and environmentally friendly. Eco Dye Colors 

The Solution

If you want a long lasting, tough, eco-friendly pot for your plants, EcoForms Rice Hull Pots is what you’ve been waiting for. Great shapes, sizes and colors are available and best of all, they’re guilt-free. No more piles of plastic pots taking up your space or space in a landfill.[button-yellow url="" target="_blank" position="center"]Shop Eco Pots[/button-yellow]

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