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Why to Choose Aquatic Plant Cultures & How to Use Them

Lush, live, and flowing aquatic plants really bring life to your aquarium and allow you to create a stunning balance of nature all contained as a glass-box ecosystem in your home. The last thing you want is for this delicate ecosystem to become compromised after all of your patience and hard work. Our aquatic plant cultures from Tropica® and Dennerle® are grown from clones under sterile lab conditions. This means that they are free of algae, pesky snails, and pesticides.

Snails are the number 1 pest in planted aquariums. Babies and eggs can easily be overlooked and sold attached to plants obtained from other hobbyists or pet stores. Once they hatch in your aquarium or even reproduce, they can be very hard to get rid of.

Why are they a little higher priced?

Your first question might be why most of these aquatic plant cultures have a higher base price than most other potted or stem plants. Each culture contains MANY starters that can easily be split and separated to grow into separate plants. Depending on the type of plant culture, you can get upwards of 10+ individual plants from just one culture. And did we mention that all of them are completely sterile and pest free? They’re also very compact when purchased. This means you will experience dense growth as long as you give them the right nutrients and CO2 from the start!

How To Use

Step 1:

Remove the plants from the culture. They grow out of a nutrient rich gel substance that is completely harmless, but should still be washed off before using the cultures.

Step 2:

If you’d like to utilize the particular plant species in multiple areas of the tank, go ahead and split up the culture into multiple parts! To do this, look at the culture itself. In more traditional stem-plants, the plants should naturally and easily separate from each other. With moss and more carpeting grass-like plants, you may need to cut the culture into separate plantings.

Step 3:

Use fine-tip forceps to easily insert the plant cultures into the substrate so that the roots are covered and the plant is secured.

For plant information on the tissue culture plants sold by Dennerle and Tropica, visit the following links:

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