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When to replace dart frog substrate

Just like sands through an hourglass, our dart frog substrate begins to degrade and it’s time to change out for new.  Of course, substrate is the foundation of your vivarium, since it is used to create a mini ecosystem. As a result, the ecosystem works hard to provide a suitable environment for our animals. When using our Josh’s Frogs naturalistic dart frog vivarium substrates and caring for the vivarium properly, substrate can last over two years!  We suggest changing it out after two years of use, however, to ensure that the substrate in your vivarium is at peak performance. Changing out dart frog substrate for new helps to:
  • Promote proper water drainage
  • Provide microfauna and plants proper nutrients
  • Remove buildup of vitamins, minerals, and waste
  • Reduces the possibility of dangerous bacteria buildup
Signs that it may be time to change your substrate:
  • Layer of soil and feces on top of sphagnum moss.
  • Similarly, degraded or discolored sphagnum moss
  • ABG degrading. As ABG degrades, the particles are broken down, which can appear like mud or muck.
  • Over saturated substrate - grab a handful of sphagnum. If water comes out when you lightly squeeze, it is over-saturated.
Once you decide to change out the substrate, you're welcome to click here to read how to change out old substrate for new.Information on the care of Poison Dart Frogs can be found at:

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