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Trimming Plants in a Dart Frog Vivarium

Jungle Fever
One of the greatest parts of getting into the world of dart frogs is the ability to care for and maintain a slice of jungle in your home.  Plants grow fast in the jungle and just as fast in your vivarium. You will notice a distinct difference between the growth of a plant in your home vs. a plant in a vivarium.  This fast pace plant life means that you have to keep up on your trimming. Luckily, trimming plants is especially easy in a vivarium.
Getting Started
First, you will want a good vision of what you want your vivarium to look like.  Dart frogs thrive best in a lush, overgrown environment with lots of plants giving them ample hiding places.  Surprisingly enough, with more hiding places, dart frogs are inclined to be bold and active in the open areas. The hiding places give them peace of mind that they can dart away if a predator were to come along.  Many dart frog hobbyists allow the back half and sides of the vivarium to grow significantly more dense than the front, leaving a viewing area with only a few smaller plants and decor to help draw them out.
Trimming Steps
Once you have a good idea of how you want to carve out your slice of the jungle, the only thing left is to get to work.  Here are a few tips when trimming plants. In your vivarium:
  • Use rubbing alcohol to sterilize the trimming utensils before and after use to ensure there is no transmission.
  • Use sharp scissors or a knife to cut plants.
  • Know your plants! Most vivarium plants are easily trimmed. However, some will need special care taken when trimming.
  • Most plants should be trimmed just above the node.
  • Trim no more than 1/3rd of the plant. By trimming plants more frequently, we are able to avoid stress on the plant and keep them happier and healthier.

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