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Terrarium, Vivarium, and Habitat Information

Be it a terrarium, vivarium, or other habitat that houses your pet reptile or amphibian, Josh's Frogs has you covered! We work with a wide variety of animals, and provide the information (and products!) that you need to keep your pet reptile or amphibian happy and healthy.

 Emily Vivarium

Background Construction covers different methods of creating backgrounds in your habitat. Backgrounds not only add visual appeal to an enclosure - they also provide visual barriers, increase usable surface area, and provides additional places to grow plants in a vivarium. Construction contains blog concerning the construction of a terrarium, vivarium, or habitat. Heating and Cooling covers the various methods that can be utilized to maintain proper temperatures in your enclosure. Lighting discusses the different products and strategies that are necessary to properly light a reptile or amphibian habitat. Plants and Planting includes blogs that discuss just that - the different plants and planting methods needed to create a successful vivarium. Substrates contains blogs that discuss the different substrates appropriate for reptiles and amphibians, and how to use them.

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