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Show Pre-Orders: How To Place Them & Exclusive Deals!

We love going to reptile shows! Being an online company, we rarely get the chance to meet customers face-to-face, so it's awesome getting to travel and meet you! We vend at around 20 shows all across the country each year.

What is a Pre-Order? We stock over 2,000 different products in our warehouse for customers to choose from online. Because of our huge product selection, There's no way we can bring everything to every show! So we allow customers to place orders before a show for show pick-up. You get to choose exactly what you want and get to pick it up at the show without any shipping or handling fees!

How do I place a Pre-Order? If you know you will be attending a show we will be vending at and you need supplies from us, simply head over to our site and place an order! The only thing that is different from usual is your shipping method. Instead of choosing Fedex or USPS, choose ""Store/Show Pick-Up"" - it won't charge you anything and it will let us know you would like us to take it to a show! After your order has been placed you may receive a phone call or email from us to confirm which show you will be picking it up at.


We now offer Exo Terra Glass Terrariums at crazy low prices exclusively for customers attending Reptile Shows that we are vending at! Low prices, no shipping cost, no risk of breakage in shipping, it doesn't get easier than that!

Plus, Shop all your favorite brands at our shows!

Not sure where we are going to be?

See trade shows and pre-order deadlines here... 


All show orders must be picked up during show hours. Customers will not be refunded if order is not picked up during the show.

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