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Planting a Garden? Start it Indoors!

Start Your Seedlings Indoors!

Are you planning on growing a garden this year? Did you know there are many benefits involved with starting your plants from seed indoors?Without the harsh elements outside, and for a few other reasons, starting many of your vegetable seeds indoors before moving them outdoors is usually the best option. Doing this will increase the germination success rate and get you the highest yield. So why buy your vegetable plants from a nursery when you could be planting your own from seed?Grow your own with minimal effort to get more bang for your buck! You'll also get the peace of mind that your plants were grown without the harmful chemicals of pesticides and unnecessary fertilizers, which are often used by nurseries. Outdoors, just a heavy rain can pound unrooted seeds out of the ground. Overnight frosts are common in early Spring and can happen unexpectedly, and they're notorious for quickly killing young, tender sprouts. Cold soil can also cause issues for seeds and sprouts. Plus, having the seeds germinating close-by allows for easier access and watering, which is very important for young seedlings!.  y giving your garden plants a healthy head start indoors, you ensure they will have a longer growing season and a higher chance to reach harvest.  

Which Vegetables Are The Best To Start Indoors?

If you live in a temperate region with limited summer weather, vegetables with longer growing seasons should always be priority to start indoors. Slow-maturing crops, such as pumpkins and watermelons, can take 4 full growing months or more. In addition, there are some plants, such as tomatoes, that are more susceptible to cold and need consistently warm weather to thrive. Planting them outside too early will result in frost killing them. Planting certain vegetables like this too late results in plants getting ruined by Fall frosts before the tomatoes on the vine are even ripe enough for harvest. All of your hard work can go to waste in just one night if you're not careful and don't plan accordingly.

What Makes Our Seedling Starter Mix Better?

Josh’s Frogs Seedling Starter Mix is light and airy for good drainage and moisture retention, making it perfectly balanced. This is instrumental for good seedling health, since heavy soil that is too compact won't allow new roots to get started very quickly - if at all! Our  formula i sn’t just great for garden plants. this specially formulated mixture of peat, vermiculite, perlite, and endomycorrhizal fungi will benefit a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor plants started from seed. 

Use An Indoor Mini-Greenhouse!

Our inexpensive little greenhouses are super easy to keep indoors and start your seedlings! For as little as $39.99, you can use one of these to propagate new plants or for just housing some humidity loving houseplants, like ferns and other tropicals. Click the picture below to check them out!

Looking To Give Your Plants A Boost?

Good for houseplants too, our Bioactive Booster will help them further establish, grow faster, and contribute to their overall health. This formula contains the same beneficial fungi and trace elements as our Seedling Starter Mix. Endomycorrhizal fungi forms a mutually beneficial relationship with plant roots. They attach themselves to roots, thereby increasing the root system of the plant. This allows for more nutrient and water absorption. It will also stay dormant in the mix until roots start to develop. Once roots are detected, the spores to come to life! Simply sprinkle a small amount of this powder onto the soil and water it into the substrate.  If you have any questions, we are always here for you! Email  [email protected] with any questions, and someone from our team of experts will get in touch!Thanks for reading and happy planting!-Taylor

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