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Mistking Misting Systems: The Good, The Better, and the Best

Missing a misting system? Looking for a great way to provide more consistent care, and a stable environment, for your herps, while saving you time? Sounds like you might be in the market for a MistKing Misting System. Josh's Frogs, a licensed distributor of MistKing products, offers 3 misting system kits to meet the needs of our clients. In this article, we'll go over the MistKing Starter Misting System, the MistKing Ultimate Misting System, and the MistKing Advanced Misting System, and see which system is right for you.

All MistKing Systems come with a quality pump that can run dry. This diaphragm pump is specifically designed to operate at the high pressure necessary to create the superfine mist MistKing is known for. All MistKing systems also include a digital seconds timer.


Mistking misting system

The MistKing Starter System is by far our most popular automatic misting kit. Perfect for hobbyists who have just one tank or a few, this system comes with 1 L nozzle and can be expanded to 10 nozzles with additional T misting assemblies.

Mistking misting system

The MistKing Ultimate System is great for those with a large display tank, or half a dozen to a dozen vivaria. Capable of handling up to 20 nozzles, the Ultimate System comes with 1 L nozzle and 2 T nozzles.

The MistKing Advanced System is perfect for those looking to run an entire herp room on one or two misting systems, and can easily handle up to 70 nozzles. This system comes with 3 L Nozzles and 12 T Nozzles.

Please refer to the chart below to see the similarities and differences between the different MistKing Automatic Misting Systems.


MistKing Starter System

MistKing Ultimate System

MistKing Advanced System

Recommended Number of Tanks

1 to 4

5 to 12

13 or more

Max Numbers of Nozzles




Included Nozzles

1 L Nozzle

1 L Nozzle

2 T Nozzles

3 L Nozzles

12 T Nozzles

Included Tubing

15ft of ¼” tubing

25ft of ¼” tubing

35ft of 1/4” tubing

15ft of 3/8” tubing

Run Dry Pump




Digital Seconds Timer




ZipDrip System




Josh's Frogs is a licensed distributor of MistKing products in the United States. See what we have available here.

See our videos below for settinng up the Mistking system:

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