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Low Dart Frog Humidity Level

Dart Frog Humidity

The high humidity requirements of dart frogs are easy to achieve when you combat low humidity like the pros!  Low humidity is one of the biggest problems that new hobbyists face. Low humidity can cause many health issues and can even lead to death.  While dart frogs can typically tolerate down to 70% humidity for short periods of time, the majority of their time should be spent in 80% humidity or higher.  This high humidity level is critical to the health and happiness to dart frogs. Dart frogs do not drink water; they receive some water through the prey items they eat and the majority of their water intake is absorbed through their skin.  Without the humidity levels being over 80%, the dart frog can become dangerously dehydrated.


It is important to start off with the right enclosure for the dart frogs you plan to get.  Many of our complete dart frog kits include a pane of glass.  This is used to restrict airflow and maintain a high level of humidity.  If you have a specialty tank or an aquarium, you can order a glass top cut at your local glass repair shop.  The full top that restricts airflow is one of the safest ways to maintain humidity in a dart frog vivarium.


Once you ensure you have your enclosure set up properly, the next thing to tackle is misting.  Mist a few times daily or when you notice the humidity drops below 80%, mist until your vivarium is consistently maintaining a humidity level over 80%.  Once your humidity is within the parameters for your dart frogs, you will want to keep a regular misting schedule. One great way to make maintaining humidity in your vivarium easy is to invest in a good automatic mister like the MistKing or Monsoon.  

Reptiles Magazine article about choosing the best reptile misting systems:

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