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Josh's Frogs Exo Terra Bulbs - One Year Guarantee!


Anyone who has ever used a basking bulb has been frustrated by an unexpected and inconvenient burnout. don't be! Josh's Frogs guarantees all Exo Terra Brand bulbs for a year. If the bulb refuses to turn on within one year after purchase from Josh's Frogs, follow these four simple steps: Step 1 : NotifyFirst, you'll have to contact us and let us know your bulb burned out. You can do so over the phone by calling us at 1 800 691 8178, or via email at [email protected]. We'll need to know your name (or order number, or the name the order was placed under), as well as the type and wattage of the bulb. Step 2 : VerifyThe second step is verification - we'll need to be able to pull up an order showing the bulb was purchased from us within the past year. Our ability to do so is made much easier if you have an account with us. If not, sign up for one! There's only one additional step at checkout, and you have the benefit of accumulating rewards points with each purchase that can save you money down the road! Step 3: Get Credit!After we've verified that you purchased the bulb from us in the past year, we'll apply store credit to your Josh's Frogs account for the price of the bulb when you purchased it. Store Credit (given as rewards points) can be used at checkout, just like cash! Step 4: Buy Stuff!You'll be able to use your Josh's Frogs Store Credit towards a new basking bulb or any of the hundreds of products available on!Please note that this guarantee is limited to Exo Terra bulbs and their ability to turn on or off. We do not guarantee UV output, just that the bulb will turn on when it's supposed to!

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