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Josh's Frogs Certified Breeder Partnerships

In 2004, when Josh's Frogs was founded, Josh made providing quality animals a cornerstone of our mission. Since then, we've come to offer a wide variety of healthy, captive bred animals produced by us, for you! Captive bred animals are better suited for life as pets than their wild caught counterparts, reduce pressure on wild populations of the animals we love, and are free of parasites and other diseases common to wild caught animals. In short, captive bred animals are more likely to do better for you!After much thought, preparation, and quarantine, Josh's Frogs is proud to launch our Certified Breeder Partnership program! This certification process will allow us to bring a wider variety of healthy, captive bred animals to you, our customers. We stand behind these animals just like any animals bred at our facility. Besides the fact we'll be offering more animals, what do you need to know about Josh's Frogs Certified Breeder Partnership? You need to know these animals are from people with the same approach to animal keeping and breeding that we do, are disease free, and most importantly captive bred!

1. Animals offered through our Certified Breeder Partnerships are from people we trust. Some of them may run exotic animal businesses of their own! Some are hobbyists, dedicated to keeping the animals we love - just like you! We have great working relationships with these individuals and trust them implicitly. These are not the typical drop shippers, jobbers, or importers commonly encountered in the pet trade. These animals are bred in the USA by dedicated individuals and well cared for.

2. All animals go through a strict quarantine and testing period before being offered to the public. All animals are PCR tested for Chytrid and Ranavirus, have fecal samples run and are quarantined for a minimum of 4 weeks. During this time our trained animal husbandry technicians provide exemplary care and observe the animals closely for any sign they are not 100% representative of animals produced at the Josh's Frogs facility.

3. All animals are captive bred via natural means. We're dedicated to providing healthy, captive bred animals to our customers. It doesn't matter if the animals were bred by us or offered through our Certified Breeder Partnership - you know they're healthy, produced in the USA, not bred using hormones, and are being offered to displace the demand for wild caught animals.

4. All animals have their origins clearly labeled. We don't want there to be any misunderstandings about where an animal originated. All animals offered through our Certified Breeder Partnerships will clearly say so at the bottom of their profile.We're excited about the future of the pet trade in the United States and want to do anything we can to ensure the supply of healthy, captive bred amphibians continues to grow. Josh's Frogs Certified Breeder Partnerships will allow us to offer a wider variety of captive bred animals to you.Any questions? Please reach out to us via  [email protected].

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