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Incubating Reptile Eggs using Josh's Frogs ProHatch

Hatch reptile eggs like a professional with ProHatch Reptile Egg Incubation Media from Josh's Frogs! Designed by breeders for breeders, ProHatch is a highly absorbent hatching media engineered specifically to retain excess moisture, then slowly release it throughout the incubation process. This drastically reduces the need to add water, results in a more consistent humidity level, and greatly reduces the chance of moldy or collapsed eggs. PropHatch is an engineered incubation media that functions much like vermiculite, only it's been crafted to be more forgiving. Incubate reptile eggs like a pro with ProHatch!

ProHatch by Josh's Frogs

How to Use ProHatch? Let's Get Started

The first step to using ProHatch is to moisten it. Add  water (we recommend distilled or reverse osmosis water) to ProHatch until it cannot absorb any more, then let it sit for several hours. Polymer crystals present in the incubation media will absorb excess water and expand. After 3-4 hours, squeeze out excess water and place ProHatch in your incubation container to a depth of 1-1.5 inches. Incubation containers should have a lid and several small air holes on the sides.For hard shelled eggs, it may be best to place the egg(s) in a small container full of dry ProHatch, then set that container inside a larger one with moist ProHatch. That way, the eggs do not have direct contact with moist incubation media. This works well with day gecko and Uroplatus eggs, as well as many other genuses.For soft shelled eggs, such as crested geckos or leopard geckos (or most snake species), simply hydrate ProHatch as described above, then use the back of a spoon or your thumb to make an impression in the surface of the ProHatch that the egg can set in. Gently place the egg in the impression and you're good to go!


Select an incubator that allows you to set the exact temperature you're after. Digital thermostats allow much more precise temperature control than older analog models. Additionally, some newer incubators allow for cooling as well! A fan for internal air circulation ensures a more even temperature and humidity gradient for your incubating eggs. A viewing window allows you to check on eggs without opening the incubator, which can result in temperature variances.Please keep in mind these are general guidelines - research incubation techniques for the specific species you're breeding before you have eggs that need incubation!


ProHatch can benefit the beginning and experienced reptile keepers alike when it comes to hatching eggs! of Interest:

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