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How to propogate your Lace Flower plant runners- Alsobia dianthiflora

Alsobia dianthiflora, commonly called the Lace Flower plant and known for its white blooms with frilled petal edges, is a trailing epiphyte native to Mexico and Central America. In their natural habitat, they are ground cover, growing beneath trees in rainforests; for plant enthusists, they make excellent houseplants.

This plant is easy to care for, and if you want to propogate more of them from the runners, there are a number of recommended methods for doing so.

The most recommended method is to place a pot of damp and fluffy soil beside the original plant. Then lay one of the trailing stems (runner) a half inch below the soil surface of the new pot. Typically, a runner will have little bumps which are the beginning of roots. If possible, leave the runner attached to the mother plant during this phase. Some people will use hairpins or something similar to help keep them in place. Keep the soil slightly damp and the runner should start to put down roots in the new pot’s soil within a month. The new plant can now be cut from the original plant.

Lace flower with hair pin close up

Alternatively, you can cut the plantlet off with some of the runner still attached to it and pin it down in its own pot. You will want to plant the root bumps beneath the surface. If using this method, it is recommended to place an inverted plastic bag over the plant until it establishes roots.

Basic care of the Lace Flower plant can be found at our website here.

African Violet soil is a good choice for Alsobia dianthiflora (they are cousin plants)

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