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How to Feed Fruit Fly Larvae to Dart Frogs

In a pinch for frog food and your cultures are not producing yet? Feed your dart frogs fruit fly larvae! High in fat, fruit fly larvae are a great emergency feeder, as well as a handy snack to put weight on frogs.Getting the fruit fly larvae is super easy. Grab a spoon and scoop the top of the media in the culture making sure to also scrape the sides a bit. When you pull out the spoon you should see small white larvae scooting around in the media.This media spoon can be held out for frogs to feed from. Some frogs aren't shy and will walk right up to snack. Others will run at this invasive site and hide. Not to worry! The spoon can be placed in the vivarium and left alone, or you can glob that media and larvae on a branch or leaf for the frog to come and chow down.If the media is left in the enclosure to wait for feeding, don't forget to clean it out! Fruit fly media breaks down over time and becomes stinky and gross. Remember to remove the spoon or wipe off any areas the media was sitting on. Want to see how this is done? Watch Zach as he feeds his dart frogs some fruit fly larvae in this video:  [button-green url="" target="_blank" position="center"]Buy Fruit Fly Cultures[/button-green]  

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