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5 Reasons why Dubia Roaches are better than Crickets!

Dubia Roaches have been taking the feeder insect market by storm. These easy to keep, and more importantly breed, feeder bugs have exploded in popularity with many reptile keepers, and for good reason! Let's go over the 5 main reasons why dubia roaches are the superior feeder insect.

dubia nymphs

  1. Dubia Roaches are a clean feeder insect. Compared to other commonly kept and bred feeders, such as crickets or mealworms, dubia roaches have virtually no odor when kept clean, and are quite neat for bugs!
  2. Dubia Roaches do not climb or fly! Unlike crickets, roaches are much easier to contain. Unless you knock the container over or spill some, dubia roaches are very unlikely to escape. Josh's Frogs Bug Off can be applied to the rim of the enclosure to make sure your roaches stay where they're supposed to.
  3. Dubia roaches are also very easy to breed, and breed quickly! This ability to maintain a small colony of bugs at home that can produce several hundred feeder roaches a month is very appealing for small to mid sized hobbyists.
  4. Dubia roaches are nutritious. Properly fed dubia roaches have more protein (22% vs 15%) and calcium than most other commonly available feeder insects. Dubia roaches also have about 1/3rd the amount of chitin compared to crickets, making them much more digestible. Make sure to feed your roaches a quality diet, such as Josh's Frogs Roach Rations, to ensure maximum nutrition.
  5. Dubia roaches come in a wide variety of sizes. From less than 1/4” long nymphs to 2” females, dubia roaches can be raised to the perfect size for your pets. From nymph to full grown adult take about 5-6 months, depending on temperature.
So what are you waiting for? Add dubia roaches to your pet's menu today! Josh's Frogs has nutritious, delicious dubia roaches available at great prices, and with same day shipping.
Please Note:
Josh’s Frogs has the proper USDA permits in place to legally ship dubia roaches across state lines. We’ve done the legwork and can ship dubia roaches to all US states, except for Florida, California, Louisiana, Alabama, and Hawaii. As long as you do not live in one of those states, you can legally order and receive dubia roaches from Josh’s Frogs. A copy of the relevant permits is available via email upon ordering.

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