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Dart Frogs: Bring out the Bold!

Factors that make your dart frogs hide, and what you can do about it.

Some dart frogs are bolder than others, but there are things you can do as a keeper to make your frogs more visible (and thus more enjoyable!). You are in complete control of your frog's environment - you literally built their world! While doing so, keep the following in mind:
Make your frogs feel safe
Frogs won't venture out into the open unless they feel secure. Even though these frogs are toxic in the wild, that doesn't mean they won't take advantage of leaf litter, live plants, and similar items to stay out of sight when possible. Provide plenty of visual barriers and hides.  Coco huts, live plants, vivarium wood, and leaf litter will give your frogs a safe space in which to feel confident. It seems counter-intuitive. The more the frogs can hide, the more comfortable they'll feel, and the more you'll see them.
Maintain correct Temperature and Humidity
If these parameters are off, your frogs will not be happy, and may try to seek shelter or microclimes to get more comfortable. In general, you'll want to keep your daytime temps between 72-76F, and a humidity of 80%+. If temps are much colder or warmer, or if humidity drops below 70%, frogs will generally find a place to hide and await better weather. Some species, such as Dendrobates auratus, prefer a bit more humidity than others. Make sure to measure temperature and humidity with a digital gauge . Digital gauges tend to be a little more expensive than other devices, but they are much more accurate.
Expose your frogs to movement and noise
Just like people, frogs can become desensitized to loud noise and movement over time. If kept in a secluded room where There's not much foot traffic, your frogs may spook pretty easily. Frogs housed in a living room or part of the home that sees more human activity tend to be bolder. Keep in mind that too much noise or movement, such as frequent loud music or daily frat parties, can stress your frogs and negatively impact their health.
Older frogs tend to be bolder
The older a frog gets, the more time it tends to spend out and about in the vivarium. When 2-3 month old frogs are introduced into a new vivarium, it may take several months for them to settle in. For the first week, new frogs will explore every inch of the vivarium. They will be seemingly looking for a way to return to their former home, only to suddenly become very shy overnight. Once frogs do settle in, they tend to spend a lot more time out and about.
Breeding pairs or groups of frogs are generally more visible
With their focus on other things, breeding frogs (especially calling males) will risk staying out in the open more. Housing a breeding group of dart frogs in a vivarium increases your chances of seeing your pets.
Some species of dart frogs are much more bold than others
In particular, Dendrobates tinctorius, D. leucomelas, some morphs of D. auratus (such as Costa Ricans and Highland Bronze), Phyllobates terribilis, P. bicolor, and the imitator group of thumbnails tend to be pretty bold compared to other species. This isn't always the case and individual frogs do have their quirks, but sticking to those species can help ensure you'll see your frogs more often than not.Remember, it's perfectly normal for your pets to hide and not be visible all the time. don't go tearing apart your beautifully scaped vivarium if you haven't seen your frogs for a couple days. Even though wild dart frogs are among the most toxic vertebrates on the planet (all captive bred dart frogs, of course, are harmless), they still seek shelter and prefer to stay out of view. By carefully constructing your vivarium and researching its future inhabitants, you can ensure you'll see your frogs, at least some of the time.:Links of Interest:

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