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How to build a Spooky Spider Terrarium



Josh's Frogs Spooky Spider Terrarium Kit

Other useful supplies:

Tongs (openings in glass can be difficult to maneuver hands)

Bamboo stick (very useful for arranging items in bowl)

Spoon (to use as miniature shovel)


Place Decorative Drainage Layer into the terrarium. A spoon is a great tool that will come in handy when placing the Decorative Drainage Layer into the small opening. SONY DSCPlace one of the Tillandsia Air Plants into the terrarium and push down into the Decorative Drainage Layer until it stands upright on its own. A bamboo stick will aid in this. SONY DSCPlace the black rock in the terrarium and adjust the location. SONY DSCPlace the second Tillandsia Air Plant into the terrarium using the same technique as the first one. SONY DSCAdjust the Spooky Spider so the body and legs are pointing in the correct direction by gently bending. SONY DSCPlace the Spooky Spider in the terrarium in the desired location. SONY DSCTie the ribbon around the loop on the top of your terrarium. The Spooky Spider Terrarium can be hung by the ribbon or will sit on a flat surface. Read below to learn how to take care of the Tillandsia Air Plants. Tillandsia Air Plant care:Tillandsias need to be misted daily with distilled or reverse osmosis water and should be soaked weekly for 2 hours. Shake excess water from the Tillandsias after soaking before placing back into the Spooky Spider Terrarium.

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