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Bean Beetle Care and Culture

By Ryan Huether

Looking for a different feeder insect to spice up your herp's diet? If your pet reptiles or amphibians love smaller foods, consider bean beetles. Bean beetles, known scientifically as Callosobruchus maculatus, make a great treat for poison dart frogs, smaller geckos, small chameleons, and any other critters that are a fan of microfeeders.

What are bean beetles?

Bean beetles are a type of weevil, and are agricultural pests native to Asia and Africa. Bean beetles are obligate legume eaters - they only prey on beans.

Because of the damage done to crops, bean beetles are considered a crop pest in the United States, and are regulated by the USDA. Josh's Frogs has the proper permits in place to ship bean beetles to most states. However, we cannot ship bean beetles to Wisconsin, Utah, and Hawaii.

How should I care for and culture bean beetles?

Bean beetles are one of the easiest insects to culture and care for! Simply provide some beans for the adult beetles (which do not need food or drink) to lay eggs on, keep the culture at 75-85F, and wait! Within 4-8 weeks you'll have plenty of bean beetles to feed from.

Initially, bean beetles will be reluctant to fly. After the culture has many eggs and larvae present, the next generation of bean beetles will fly/glide around the culture - feed out of the culture then, as that means the culture is full and it's time to feed out the adult bean beetles, and use the eggs/larvae present in the beans to make a new culture.

Josh's Frogs sells complete Bean Beetle Cultures and supplies for your to purchase. It's as easy as that! You now have a the ability to continue to make bean beetle cultures to feed to your animals.

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