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5 Tips for Breeding Dart Frogs

Wanting to breed dart frogs, but not having much luck? Today, I'll share 5 tips we use at Josh's Frogs to help achieve maximum breeding results without compromising the health of our animals.


1 - Raise your own breeding stock

It may be tempting to go out and purchase sexed adult dart frogs, but you'll have much better luck raising your own! By raising froglets to adulthood, you'll have more time to figure your animals out, and gain more experience caring for dart frogs. You can also ensure your frogs are getting the best nutrition and growing conditions possible. In order to get a pair, you'll want to purchase 4-5 froglets.

azureus eating

2 - Nutrition!

Make sure your future breeders are getting the best nutrition possible. Josh's Frogs recommends rotating between RepCal Calcium with D3, RepCal Herptivite, and Repashy Calcium Plus. Rotate in Repashy SuperPig and Repashy Vitamin A Plus every few weeks. Proper supplementation is vital to the longevity of your frogs.


3 - Cycling

Many dart frog populations experience a dry period in the wild, during which breeding slows down or stops. Replicate this in the wild by reducing misting and feeding for several weeks on end. Let your humidity fall to 70% or so, but make sure to provide a bit of standing water for your frogs. Reduce feedings by half. This will slow or stop your dart frogs from breeding, and allow them time to stock up on fat soluble vitamins and other nutrients depleted by laying eggs. After several weeks, resume typical misting and feeding. We're rewarded with larger clutches and healthier offspring by cycling our breeders.


4 - Laying Sites

ALWAYS provide clean sites for your frogs to lay their eggs, and tailor those sites to your individual frogs! Rinse petri dishes at least once a week, and regularly flush water out of film canisters. Some frogs have specific preferences, such as film canister color or orientation. Observe your animals, and provide them with what they prefer! Check out our Dart Frog Breeding Supplies for everything you need.

5 - Give Them a Break

When needed, separate your breeders. Adult dart frogs, especially females, can use an occasional break from breeding. If cycling does not completely stop breeding activity, remove the adult male frog from your vivarium and give both inhabitants a rest for a couple months.  

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