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3 New Year's Resolutions any Herp Owner should Keep

With Christmas upon us (and the New Year fast approaching) it's a perfect time to think about your New Year's resolutions. As we think about ways to improve ourselves, let's not forget about our ability (and responsibility) to improve the lives of our reptile and amphibian pets, as well. So, for 2017, I propose every pet owner adopts at least 1 New Year's Resolution for our pets. Here are 3 that any pet owner can take on in the new year:

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1. Feed your Pet a more Varied DietAlmost every reptile or amphibian will appreciate a more varied diet. Your scaly and slimy friends that eat insects will benefit from different prey items, such as meal worms, super worms, waxworms, hornworms, fruit flies, crickets, rice flour beetles, blue bottle fly spikes, springtails, and isopods. Incorporating prepared foods into your pet's diet can be a great way to provide them with added nutrients they may otherwise be missing. Offering different feeder insects (as a staple or treat) will give your predatory pet something to hunt down and provide a change in their feeding routine. don't forget to dust food items with a quality vitamin/mineral supplement.

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2. Sanitize your Pet's EnclosureA clean home is a happy home, especially for reptiles and amphibians. Stick to a schedule and keep your pet's habitat clean! Change substrate as needed, and spot clean often. don't forget to clean your pet reptile's or amphibian's water bowl frequently, as many species like to use it as a latrine. Use a quality cleaner when disinfecting your pet's habitat, such as Josh's Frogs Reptisan.

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3. Enrich your Animal's EnvironmentIn the wild, animals frequently encounter new and novel situations. Mimic this in captivity by providing them with new cage decor, such as fake plants or hides. Maybe treat them to a new and interesting feeder insect, or a new and exotic veggie for those herbivorous herps. Consider keeping your critters in a naturalistic vivarium, if possible. Switch it up!

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