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Zen Habitats Meridian Deluxe Stacking Spacer (4'x2'x1')

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About This Product

Make the most of your space and stack your enclosures for a custom look while providing ventilation for the bottom enclosure. Zen Habitats' easy-to-assemble and patent-pending Meridian Deluxe Stacking Spacer for 4’x2’-based reptile enclosures can be used as a stand or spacer. It gives you even more flexibility to create a custom reptile enclosure setup that's perfect for you and your pet! This sturdy deluxe stacking spacer is made of the same high-quality and attractive materials as our reptile enclosures, so they work perfectly together!

This 4'x2'x1' Meridian Deluxe Stacking Spacer can be used to create a stackable reptile enclosure setup that's perfect for you and your pet! Don't worry about how secure your new setup willl be; VHB (very high bond) tape is included to prevent slippeing and misalignment.


  • Eight security screws for assembly
  • Ability to use as a stand or spacer
  • Ideal for stacking multiple enclosures with external lighting and heating
  • Weighs 15 pounds when assembled
  • Front-sliding removable doors
  • VHB (very high bond) tape included
  • Free shipping included
  • Item ships flat
  • Five-year warranty


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