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Vazimba Ground Gecko - Paroedura vazimba (unsexed)


We are not currently working with this species and, at the moment, have no plans of working with it. We've left this page up so that the care information is still easy to find. Please don't expect this species to be available for sale in the near future.

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About This Product

 Defining characteristics:

  • Small ground gecko
  • Nocturnal
  • Active hunters
  • Easy to keep and breed
  • Smaller size = less expensive setup

Name: Vazimba ground geckos, Paroedura vazimba, version of the Madagascar’s genus of ground geckos.

Recommended Enclosure Size: Due to their small size, a group of 3-4  animals can be kept in a12x12x12 enclosure. A male can be housed with multiple females, but males should never be housed together.Coco fiber-based substrates work best for this species and should be kept moist (but not wet); providing a couple of dry spots are imperative for actively breeding females to deposit eggs. These geckos are terrestrial but enjoy climbing as well. Cork bark works especially well for this species, providing hides with its crevices as well as climbing material.Leaf litter can also provide numerous hiding places and a natural touch, as they often inhabit the leaf litter layer in the wild.

Temperature: Vazimba geckos between 75-80 F. If warmer stable temperatures are maintained.  If provided, the basking spot should not exceed 85 F and maintained with anundertank heater or basking bulb. Temperature should be monitored with a digital thermometer, and the basking spot can be checked with an infrared thermometer or temperature gun. Night temperatures should not fall below 70 F. UV light is not required.

Humidity: Keep vazimba geckos at 55-65% ambient humidity. Live plants can be added to help create humid microclimates. Ambient humidity should be monitored with a digital hygrometer. These geckos should be lightly misted daily or every other day to provide dew on enclosure walls and cage items from which they can drink, but enough ventilation should be provided to allow the enclosure to dry out after a few hours. A shallow water dish can be provided but is not necessary with regular misting.

Size: Vazimba ground geckos only reach around 3 inches from head to tail as adults!

Age: Vazimba ground geckos are at least 4 weeks old when sold by Josh’s Frogs, at which time they are well established. It is estimated that these geckos live for 5 - 10  years in captivity.

Feeding: Juvenile vazimba geckos sold by Josh’s Frogs are fed ⅛-inch crickets and melanogaster fruit flies. Adults should be fed a staple of  ¼-inch crickets, but can also be offered black soldier fly larvae,melanogaster and hydei fruit flies,dwarf white isopods, and bean beetles. All feeder insects should be gut loaded and dusted with vitamin/mineral supplements, and can be offered in a food dish.

Sexing: Vazimba ground geckos are easily sexed as males exhibit a conspicuous bulge at the base of the tail.

Color/Pattern: They have a brown body color with a lighter brown dorsal. The tail is a lighter brown with some darker rings.

Social Behavior: Females can be housed together. Males can be grouped with multiple females, but no more than one male should be in an enclosure.

Breeding: Breeding vazimba ground geckos is very straightforward.  Brumation is desirable for breeding.  Cooler temps with a 10 degree drop  should be provided from late fall to late winter/early spring. Tail thickness is a good indicator of the health of breeding females, and females exhibiting a thin tail should be removed and allowed to recuperate. Providing a dish of calcium is essential for the long term success of breeders. Females will lay two eggs every 3-4 weeks buried in the substrate. Drier spots in the substrate must be provided; kept on substrates that are completely moist or wet, females may become egg bound while holding onto eggs that they cannot deposit.

Natural Range: Found in a very small range on the west side of Madagascar.  They are found in forested areas in the leaf litter on the forest floor. 

History in the Hobby: Paroedura vazimba  are rarely offered, and we’re very excited to have the opportunity to breed them and make captive bred vazimba ground  geckos more accessible in the hobby!

Links of Interest:

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