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Sera Raffy Royal (7.80 oz, 1000 mL)


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About This Product

Anchovy and shrimp mix for reptiles and amphibians

Fish and shrimps are an important nutrient source for terrapins and other carnivorous reptiles and amphibians. These treats are rich in mineral and ballast substances, and contain more than 4% natural calcium – the basis for healthy bone and shell growth.

The food is an ideal addition to sera raffy P, sera raffy Mineral and sera reptil Professional Carnivor.

Due to the high amount of large anchovies, sera raffy Royal is also excellently suited as a tasty treat for predatory ornamental fish.

Check out Sera's guide on their Terrariums!

Biotope Terrariums

They also have great guides on feeding your fish!

How to feed your fish according to nature

Healthy aquarium fish


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