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Ramshorn Snails (Assorted 12 count)

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About This Product

Defining Characteristics:

  • Hardy tank janitor
  • Plant safe
  • Easy to breed
  • Makes a great feeder snail
  • Shell is shaped like a ram’s horn

Name: Ramshorn snail, or Planorbella sp. This is a common aquarium snail that gets its name from the shape of its shell (Planispiral). Sometimes this snail appears after adding plants to an aquarium or is deliberately added for cleaning up uneaten food, etc. 

Recommended Enclosure Size: The minimum aquarium size for ramshorn snails is 2.5-5 gallons. They are not picky and many of them can exist in even the smallest of aquariums. 

Temperature (°F): Ramshorn snails are not fussy about temperature. They can thrive anywhere between 65-80 degrees, which makes them suitable for most tropical freshwater aquariums. 

pH/Hardness: Ramshorn snails tend to fare better in moderate to hard water. Water that is too acidic can damage their shells. Consequently, they require some general hardness in their water to build their shells properly. A pH of 7.0-8.0 is considered ideal. 

Size: At the time of sale, Ramshorn snails will be at least ¼-½ inch in size. They can reach up to one inch in diameter when full grown. 

This listing is for 12 assorted snails.

Age: At time of purchase, Ramshorn snails will be at least one month old. These snails can live 1 year under ideal conditions. 

Feeding: Ramshorn snails are grazers and will sample almost any food dropped in the aquarium. However, it is important to make sure they are getting the correct diet and not just left to fend for themselves. 

They appreciate offerings of all kinds of veggies and algae based foods. The addition of calcium in their diet is essential to keep their shells healthy (this can be calcium powder added to a gel diet like Repashy Soilent Green or a homemade “snello” recipe). Just be sure that whatever you feed them is eaten within a few hours and does not soil the water! Adding a cuttlebone can also be beneficial for a calcium source.

Please be aware that these snails can reproduce very quickly if overfed, and some people consider them to be a nuisance when that happens!

Sexing: Ramshorn snails are hermaphroditic and therefore each snail possesses both male and female reproductive organs.

Color/Pattern: Ramshorn snails are typically a brown color, both in the shell and on the body, although some more attractive color varieties can be bright red or have blue shells, spots, etc. 

Social Behavior: Ramshorn snails are peaceful and because they reproduce so fast, there are usually several in an aquarium at any given time. They will not harm any other fish or shrimp tank mates.

However, the snails can be harmed or eaten by some tank mates, such as larger cichlids, loaches, and other predatory animals (they do make a great snack). They are generally considered “plant safe”.

Breeding: Ramshorn snails are hermaphroditic, which means any two snails can breed. They frequently lay eggs throughout the aquarium on the glass and on other surfaces. The bigger challenge is NOT to breed them. 

Due to how prolific they are, many aquarists consider these snails to be pests. Minimizing how much food you offer them can help keep populations at a more modest level.

Natural Range: Ramshorn snails are native to North America, particularly found in Florida. 

History in the Hobby: Ramshorn snails are ubiquitous in the aquarium hobby and have even been selectively bred for different colors over the years. 

Because many aquarium plants are grown in Florida and this is part of their native range, it stands to reason that most snails in the hobby hitched a ride on plants and have been around ever since. Though they can be seen as pests, they’re mostly beneficial to aquariums and can even be used as feeders for certain species of predatory fish.

Links of Interest:

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