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Penn-Plax Cascade Plant Growth 12-Bulb High Power LED Light

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About This Product

The Penn Plax Cascade Plant Growth LED Light brightens up your aquarium day or night. It is built to offer the ultimate amount of light exposure for your tank.

High-Power LED Light offers ultra-bright light with 12 LED bulbs. Red Light - 620 nm, Blue Light - 450 nm which help aquatic and non-aquatic plants.

The combination of Red and Blue lights are essential for aquatic plant growth. This sleek design measures 4.5" x 4.5", is less than .5" thick, and stands 6.25" above your tank.

This light is easy to mount, with a clever "clapboard" design for aquariums with hinged lids. The mounting clamp opens so you move the light out of the way, and when you close the lid, simply move the light back to its original position.

Ensure the health and optimal growth of your aquatic plants with the Plant Growth LED Light!


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