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Josh's Frogs Live Oak Bark Bits (0.5 lb.)

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About This Product

Live oak bark is great in desert or tropical vivaria. It will hold up well, and may even grow some cool lichens and fungi! This bag contains small pieces of virgin live oak bark.

How to Use: Bark may be stacked in an enclosure to create hardscape and hides, or incorporated into a background using vivarium safe silicone and spray foam. We use this bark with our arboreal tarantulas, as well as many different gecko and frog species. 

It can also be mixed into your substrate to provide some extra wood for millipedes or isopods to chew on, used as a decorative mulch in vivaria, or used as a background covering.

Warnings/Caution: Not for human consumption. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly.


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