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Josh's Frogs Gross Out (8 oz./236mL)

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About This Product

Want to remove tank sludge slurry - and in a hurry? After aquariums and paludariums have been inhabited for a while, general waste, detritus, and uneaten fish food can begin to build up and become, well, gross.

Gross Out contains a blend of live bacteria that break down organic waste into forms that can be handled by your aquarium's filtration system. It can be used to break down buildup in gravel or to supercharge an enclosure's good bacteria, as it immediately begins to consume this unwanted waste. It's an all-natural way for your aquarium to appear clear and bright, helping your aquatic pals be happier and healthier.

Gross Out is very versatile and can be used in any aquatic or semi-aquatic enclosure – paludariums, aquariums, freshwater, and saltwater, and is ideal for water features that gather a large amount of organic waste. This product is safe for fish, aquatic turtles, amphibians, plants, and invertebrates. After using, you may want to monitor your pH and make adjustments if your levels are affected.

An 8 oz. bottle will treat 944 gallons of water. To use, simply add 5 ml (one capful) per every 20 gallons. For smaller volumes, note that each thread on the cap is approximately 1 ml. You can also use Josh's Frogs Feeding/Dosing syringe for measuring specific amounts.


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