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Josh's Frogs Clear Choice Water Clarifier (8 oz. 236mL) - CLOSE TO EXPIRATION

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About This Product

* This product  has been discounted because it is close to expiration. With proper handling and storage, some perishable items can remain safe to use for some time beyond sell-by and even use-by dates.*

Returns will not be accepted on this item.

Expiration: 06/2024

Are things looking a little cloudy for your aquatic pets? Josh's Frogs Clear Choice Water Clarifier can help to clear things up for them. This product works for all types of cloudiness in both saltwater and freshwater by causing small particles not visible to the naked eye in the water column to clump together so they can then be removed by the filter. These particles are often not large enough to get into the filter until this clumping happens.

Once you add Clear Choice Water Clarifier to your tank, a cloud-like haze may begin to form, which is normal and means this is working as designed. It employs an advanced polymer flocculant that is safe for fish, aquatic turtles, amphibians, invertebrates, and plants.

Clearing generally takes place within several hours. Once your water is once again clear, you will want to clean the filter cartridge or floss. Because of the way in which Clear Choice works, the aquarium will need to have a filter with mechanical filtration for the highest effectiveness.

An 8 oz. bottle will treat 472 gallons of water. To use, simply add 5 ml (one capful) per every 10 gallons. For smaller volumes, note that each thread on the cap is approximately 1 ml. You can also use Josh's Frogs Feeding/Dosing syringe for measuring specific amounts.


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