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Hikari First Bites Fish Food (0.35 oz.) - CLOSE TO EXPIRATION

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About This Product

* This product  has been discounted because it is close to expiration. With proper handling and storage, some perishable items can remain safe to use for some time beyond sell-by and even use-by dates.*

Returns will not be accepted on this item.

Expiration: 12/2023

Specifically formulated to provide any newborn fish the exacting nutrional balance they require during the earliest developmental stages of their lives. High in superior protein sources, including premium-select fish meal, First Bites will help your newborns develop excellent body form, superior disease resistance and proper organ development.

  • Rich in nutritious, freshly harvested ingredients
  • Unique low-heat production process prevents dissipation of necessary vitamins, nutrients and amino-acids your fry need to survive
  • Expect rapid growth free of dietary deformites or defiencies
  • Helps fry develop superior disease resistance
  • Great for livebearers and egglayers
  • Semi-floating food
  • Promotes proper feeding habits
  • Reduces chances of over-feeding and reduces waste


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