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Green Mantella (Captive Bred) - 3/4"

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About This Product

Defining Characteristics:

  • Great Beginner Frog
  • Bright Green Coloration develops as Mantella ages
  • Bold
  • Easy to Keep
  • Moderate Trilling Call
  • Small
  • Can be Kept in Groups
  • Challenging to Breed

Recommended Vivarium Size: Housing green mantellas can be very simple. A 10 gallon aquarium can house a couple individuals, while an Exo Terra Glass Terrarium with a footprint of 18x18 or larger could house 4-6 Green mantellas. Green mantellas seem to be completely passive towards each other for the most part (outside the breeding season), and do great in groups.

A screen top with daily mistings will maintain the perfect balance of ventilation and humidity. Substrate recommendations vary considerably, but long fiber sphagnum moss works well for Josh’s Frogs. Alternatively, you can set up a vivarium using Josh’s Frogs naturalistic vivarium substrates, similar to keeping dart frogs. Provide items for your green mantellas to hide under, such as a cork bark flat or leaf litter. Your Mantella viridis will spend much of the time hiding under such objects. A shallow water bowl should be provided, as well. Green mantellas are not particularly arboreal, but they will appreciate a small bit of vivarium wood or live terrarium plants to climb on.

Lighting is for any live plants provided, and not required by green mantellas. There is no evidence that Mantella viridis benefit from UVB lighting, but a low level UV bulb, such as a 2.0 UVB bulb, may be beneficial. Based on observations of green mantellas being active during the day in the wild in partiall sunlight, a low level UVB source would probably be a good idea.

Temperature: Mantella viridis ideally are kept at about room temperature, in the low to mid 70s. Unlike many other mantellas, green mantellas stress easily in hot temperatures over 80F. Avoid warmer temperatures at all cost.

Humidity: Green mantellas can handle a wide range of humidity levels, but prefer a humidity level of 60-70%. Routine spraying and a full screen top will aid in providing proper humidity levels. Be sure to provide a shallow water dish so that your green mantellas will not dry out in lower humidity. During the breeding season, green mantellas can experience humidty levels of 80% without issue.

Size: Adult green mantellas are not very large, and there is a small size different between males and females. An adult male may reach about 1 inch, but most will be closer to 3/4 of an inch. A large female will be a bit larger and much bulkier (or 'pear shaped') than a male, and may measure up to 1.25”. All of the Mantella viridis froglets Josh's Frogs sells are well started juveniles, and measure approximately .5 - .75” long.

Age: There is not any good data surrounding the average lifespan of green mantellas, but wild caught animals have lived in captivity for over 5 years. All Green Mantellas for sale at Josh's Frogs are well started juveniles, and are 2-3 months old. Keep in mind, at this age froglets will have very different color and patterns than they will as adults.

Feeding: Green mantellas are microphagus, meaning that they consume small food items. Mantella viridis do quite well on easily procured prey items in captivity. At Josh’s Frogs, we feed our adult green mantellas primarily hydei fruit flies, as well as springtails, isopods, extra small phoenix worms, and 1/8 inch crickets. Young green mantellas start life feeding on baby springtails. At the size Josh’s Frogs sells captive bred Mantella viridis, they are eating melanogaster fruit flies and 1/8" crickets. All prey items should be dusted with a quality vitamin/mineral supplement.

Color/Pattern: Adult green mantellas are primarily green, sometimes with a bit of yellow. 2 color phases seem to occur - it is possible these are 2 separate populations in the wild, and possibly will be classified as different species or subspecies in the future. At Josh's Frogs, we work with the bright green/teal variety. Most individuals have a black partial facemask, and a black/dark brown belly with blue/white blotches. A trademark of the species is a horseshoe shaped bit of color on the throat area, which traces the lower jaw. Younger green mantellas can range from yellow to brown to almost red, with a darker X pattern on their back. Juvenile Mantella viridis will achieve adult coloration at 8-12 months of age.


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