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Animal Shipping Kit (10 pack)


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About This Product

This kit comes with everything you need to ship 10 packages of animals. This kit includes:

  • Ten 8 X 8 X 8 Boxes. These boxes will ship at the 4 LBS shipping cost for UPS and FedEx.
  • 1" thick pre-cut styrofoam to line the boxes.
  • Ten EcoTherm packs. These panels are designed to keep your shipment between 68 and 75 degrees whether shipping during the colder months or the warmer months.

This kit does not include deli cups/lids for the animals.

When shipping above 90 degrees or under 40 degrees, extra Eco Therm packs are recommended.


This product ships to your doorstep. Most orders placed before 2pm ET on business days will ship out the same day.

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