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Josh's Frogs Reverse Osmosis System (50 GPD)


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About This Product

Josh's Frogs Reverse Osmosis System is the ultimate solution for maintaining pristine water quality in reptile and amphibian habitats, and provides delicious drinking water for you!

Designed with the unique needs of these sensitive creatures in mind, our system employs advanced reverse osmosis technology to effectively remove impurities, toxins, and harmful contaminants from tap water, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your beloved pets.

With its compact and user-friendly design, our RO system is easy to install and operate, making water purification a breeze for reptile and amphibian enthusiasts of all levels. Say goodbye to concerns about chlorine, heavy metals, and other harmful substances, and hello to crystal-clear, chemical-free water that promotes optimal health and vitality for your reptilian and amphibious friends.

Our RO system includes a pressure pump, which extends the life of the unit, limits wastewater, and maximizes the efficiency and productivity of the unit.

This system provides consistent and reliable water purification, giving you peace of mind and your pets the quality hydration they deserve. Upgrade your reptile and amphibian habitat today with our premium RO system!

  • 5-stage filtration for superior contaminant removal
  • Includes food grade tubing
  • 3.2 gallon tank capacity
  • 50 GPD RO element capacity
  • System notifies when filters need to be changed


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