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Mounted Plant Arrangement (Individually Pictured)

Mounted Plant Arrangement (Individually Pictured)


About This Product

Mounted plant arrangements from Josh's Frogs are a unique and stylish way to display plants by mounting them on a variety of surfaces such as wood, cork, or tree fern panels. This method involves securing the plant's root system to the chosen mount using materials like sphagnum moss, fishing line, or wire.

These mounts create a visually appealing garden, making them perfect for terrariums, enhancing interior décor, and showcasing the natural beauty of plants in a modern and artistic manner. These arrangements are ideal for air plants, orchids, and other epiphytic species that thrive without traditional soil. Ideal for both hobbyists and professional herpetologists, our cork plant mounts are a beautiful and functional addition to any bioactive setup.

Possible Plants:

Mounting plants can be tricky and time-consuming, taking weeks or even months for the roots to grab on securely. Here at Josh’s Frogs, we grow the mounts out at our facility until the roots are firmly attached to their vessel and the fishing line can be removed. This allows them to be placed directly in a vivarium without fear of animals getting caught in the fishing line. Some of our mounts also come with hooks on the back that can be easily removed if you don’t need them.

As good practice, Josh's Frogs recommends washing all plants thoroughly with dechlorinated water before placing them in their final home. Plants from Josh’s Frogs are specifically grown to be safe for use with animals.


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