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Josh's Frogs Baby Bearded Dragon Feeder Bundle

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About This Product

The Josh’s Frogs Baby Bearded Dragon Feeder Bundle is a great way to keep your young bearded dragon fed, and should make up about 90% of your dragon’s diet - the other half should be mostly leafy green veggies, such as a mix of kale, mustard greens, and turnip greens. This feeder bundle includes:

  1. 1/4" Banded Crickets (120 Count)
  2. Crickets are the staple live feeders for young bearded dragons. Be sure to dust with a quality vitamin/mineral supplement prior to feeding.
  3. Waxworms (25 Count)
  4. Waxworms are great to offer via tongs or bowl fed - try adding a few to your beardie's veggie dish to provide some entertainment for your scaly pal. Growing beardies can use the extra fat!
  5. Black Soldier Fly Larvae (250 Count - Small)
  6. BSFL are high in calcium, and best offered in a bowl. Keep them at 40-55F to extend their shelf life.
  • A great selection of nutritious feeders your bearded dragon will love
  • This feeder bundle will feed your bearded dragon for 2-3 weeks
  • Feed with leafy green veggies and the occasional brightly colored fruit
  • Feeder insects should be dusted with a vitamin/mineral supplement


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