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About This Product

Looking to keep your betta in a ballin' setup? Want to give your Siamese Fighting Fish a quality environment to THRIVE in? Then the Josh's Frogs Fluval Flex 9 Betta Planted Tank BUNDLE is just for you! We've taken the Fluval Flex 9 Glass Aquarium Kit and bundled it with other supplies to provide your betta with a great home. The kit is also large enough to give your bettas some friends, such as snails, an algae eater, cory cats, or some platties. It includes:

1. Fluval FLEX 9 Gallon Glass Aquarium Kit (Black)

This stylish tank has a lot going for it. From it's slick curved front to integrated filtration and light fixture, everything about this kit looks great. It provides a very modern look, and the quality glass tank provides plenty of room for your betta to swim and grow!

2. Small Aquarium Heater and Thermometer

This flat heater should be set for 78F. It can be put in the back filter compartment to keep it out of site. Use the plastic thermometer to check temperatures daily. If the water temperature ever falls below 76F or above 80F, adjust the heater.

3. Aquatic Plant Substrate

Growing live plants starts with a quality substrate! The dark black color will make your betta and plants really pop, too!

4. Manzanita Branch

Manzanita is one of the best woods for the aquarium. It's dense and will not break down, and it will sink quickly. This piece of wood will initially float, so just weigh it down underwater or give it several days to sink. It will release some tannins into the water, which will make it take on a brown color. This will go away with water changes and does not harm anything.

5. Live Aquatic Plants

Live plants can easily smuggle in pest snails, algae, and other undesirables. Tissue cultured plants are grown in a sterile environment, which means you no longer have to be concerned about introducing baddies whenever you bring in something green. They're also small, meaning they'll ship for cheap and grow in great.

6. Aquatic Plant Fertilizers

Live plants will get some nutrition from uneaten fish food and poop, but these easy to use fertilizers will make sure your plants grow swift and strong.

7. Betta Foods

Nutrition is as important to bettas as it is for all fish, and Sera Bettagran is a fully balanced diet. Dried bloodworms provide a great treat, and help brighten your betta up.

8. Josh's Frogs Dechlorinator Tap Water Conditioner (4 oz)

Use this dechlorinator to make tap water safe for your betta. It'll bind and remove dangerous chlorine and chloramines that can harm your betta's gills. Follow the directions on the label.


This product ships to your doorstep. Most orders placed before 2pm ET on business days will ship out the same day.

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