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The Josh's Frogs Aquatic Turtle Tankless Kit (20 Gallon) contains everything you need to keep a young or small aquatic turtle alive and healthy - just add a standard 20 gallon long aquarium. This kit is designed to meet the care needs of many aquatic turtle species, however, make sure to research the specific needs of your pet to ensure this kit is appropriate for it. This kit is ideal for the care of commonly available aquatic turtles for the first year of their lives, including red eared sliders, cooters, map turtles, and the like. It includes:

1. Aquatic Filter

This easy to maintain filter is perfect for a 20 gallon tank that is half filled with water. Make sure to rinse out the included filter pad before use. By using this filter, you'll be able to reduce water changes to 25% every week!

2. Artificial Plants

Artificial Plants are both realistic and easy to clean. Artificial plants not only add to the looks of a turtle enclosure - they also provide hiding places and visual barriers. These high quality plastic replicas are much easier to care for than the real thing!

3. Gravel

When using substrate with an aquatic turtle, it's important to make sure the animal cannot accidentally consume it! These jumbo size pieces of gravel cannot be swallowed by small to medium sized aquatic turtles, and look great!

4. Josh's Frogs Dechlorinator

Josh's Frogs Dechlorinator renders tap water safe for use with your pets. Follow the directions on the label, and you'll be all set!

5. Aquarium Heater (50 watt)

This completely submersible aquatic heater is preset to 78F - the perfect water temperature for most commonly available aquatic turtles. This heater is constructed of plastic, leaving no fragile glass exposed to the hazard of your pets!

6. Screen Top

This Screen Top will fit most 20 gallon long aquaria, and ensures your pet turtle don't leave, and unwanted guests don't get in!

7. 5.0 UV Fixture and bulb.

This all in one fixture and UVB bulb will provide much needed UVA and UVB rays to your pet aquatic turtles. Make sure to change out the bulb every 6 months.

8.  8.5" Reflector Dome and 75w Bulb

This dome and bulb combo will provide a necessary basking spot for your aquatic turtle of approximately 90F, depending on your household temperatures. Place the light and bulb on the screen top, so that it shines over a basking spot. This will provide an area where your turtle can get high and dry!

For complete turtle care also buy the Aquatic Turtle Feeder Bundle


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