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Tortoise Feeder Bundle

About This Product

Treat your pet tortoises with the Tortoise Feeder Bundle from Josh's Frogs! 3 nutritious, complete prepared diets come in this bundle, which is perfect for your pet tortoises and box turtles. It includes:

Rep-Cal Tortoise Food (12oz) - 

Rep-Cal Tortoise Food is formulated to ensure proper growth and health by providing complete and balanced nutrition. It is a veterinarian recommended food containing natural plant and fruit ingredients tortoises love and provides the 100% complete daily nutrition they need. It is fortified with optimal levels of vitamins and minerals like calcium and Vitamin D3 so no other food or supplements are required.

Repashy Grassland Grazer - 

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein min. 15%, Crude Fat min. 3%, Crude Fiber max. 30%, Moisture max. 8%, Ash max. 9%, Calcium min. 1.5%.

DIRECTIONS: To prepare one cup of product, add 1 part powder into 3 parts water and stir. Microwave or heat until it starts to boil. Remove, stir again, pour, and let sit at room temp until firm. Whatever is not used immediately should be treated as fresh food. It can be stored sealed in refrigerator for up to two weeks, and in freezer for up to six months. To adjust firmness of gel, use more or less water as desired.

Refrigeration will extend freshness

Sera Reptile Professional Herbivore - 

Sera Reptil Professional Herbivor is the unique co-extruded supplementary food for herbivorous reptiles such as tortoises or iguanas. The food ring consists of a herbal mixture with over 20 carefully selected herbs from the natural food spectrum of European tortoises. They are supplemented by high quality herbal proteins and fats. The food core contains essential vitamins – carefully processed by the special low temperature process – and mineral substances as well as algae for strengthening disease resistance. The optimal ration of calcium and phosphorus is the basis for healthy bone and shell growth.

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