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Yellow Spotted Climbing Toads Invade the USA!

This just in - healthy, captive bred Yellow Spotted Climbing Toads ( Pedostibes hosii) are set to hop into the US frog hobby on August 8th, 2014 - just over a week away! These amazing amphibians, the only truly arboreal toad species in the world, is rarely bred in captivity. Josh's Frogs, a breeder and supplier of captive bred amphibians, has produced over 200 bouncing baby toads this year, and is ready to unleash them into the amphibian hobby!


don't let their small size fool you - these baby toadlets have grown a ton, and are already chowing down on 1/4"" crickets. They've more than quadrupled their size since leaving the water, and are ready for forever homes! As they get older, these toads will eventually grow to the size of your hand, and females develop a beautiful green/blue color, coupled with lots of yellow spots!


Make sure to sign up and be notified when they're available for sale by clicking here. Josh's Frogs will be offering them at $99.99ea, with 4 or more at just $80ea (we want customers to get groups and breed them - frog the planet!). Thinking ahead, Josh's Frogs has assembled a complete care kit (available here), as well as a care sheet that explains the ins and outs of keeping these amazing amphibians. For more information on our breeding efforts with Yellow Spotted Climbing Toads, check out this article.

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