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The Usefulness of Syringes in Fish keeping

In keeping fish, one often encounters a need to measure liquids; whether it be for medications, fertilizers, samples for testing, etc. Probably the easiest way to accomplish this is to use Josh’s Frogs Feeding/Dosing Syringe (10 ml).  This simple tool allows you to get a quick and precise measurement for any dose up to 10 ml at a time. A lot of aquarium products (water conditioners, ammonia neutralizers, etc.) provide cap size for reference when dosing, but it’s much more accurate to use a syringe. As the name suggests, Josh’s Frogs Feeding/Dosing Syringe can also be useful for feeding foods collected or thawed in liquid.  Read on to find out how our syringe may be useful for your aquarium!



Most people will encounter disease in their aquarium at some point in their journey in the hobby. When disease occurs, specific treatments must be employed. Fish medications either come in a powder form or liquid. The liquid medications are typically the kind used to treat external parasites or fungus. They often have a strong dye and will stain surfaces. Having a syringe dedicated to these specific medications can mean a lot less mess when dosing. And again, it is much more precise than just eyeballing it or using a cap.  

Liquid additives (Fertilizers, water conditioners, extracts)

Other products that Josh’s Frogs Feeding/Dosing Syringe can come in handy for include liquid fertilizers for planted tanks, water conditioners for dechlorinating tap water, and extracts for adding tannins. There are also ammonia neutralizers, bacterial additives, and slime coat boosting products that the syringe can be used to get the correct dose. It is best to use one syringe per product. These can easily be attached to corresponding bottles with a rubber band for organizational purposes. 

Water testing

In order to get the most accurate results in testing water parameters, you should be using liquid solutions as opposed to test strips. Typically these test kits come with vials, but not necessarily eyedroppers or syringes. To quickly split the sample of water into different vials, a syringe is indispensable. You can easily measure out the 5 ml required and proceed with adding liquid drops as directed to each vial of water. This is how we test our water here at Josh’s Frogs!


For many live and frozen foods, a syringe can suck up the perfect portion and allow you to target it towards the animal(s) you are feeding. It works great for small worms such as blackworms and white worms and micro foods such as microworms and baby brine. Thawed frozen foods such as bloodworms, daphnia, and brine shrimp also can be sucked up with a syringe and essentially dropped right in front of whatever aquatic animal you are feeding. Many animals can be trained to take food directly from the syringe, which makes it easier to monitor feedings and make sure each critter is getting its fair share. 


With its multitude of applications, every aquarist could benefit in some way from having a few syringes on hand. So why not give Josh’s Frogs Feeding/Dosing Syringe a try?

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