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The Top 9 Reasons you Should Feed Banded Crickets to your Pets!

Josh's Frogs is proud to announce we're now providing banded crickets ( Gryllodes sigillatus) for sale on our website! We've been using this species of crickets for close to a year now, and we feel that these crickets are a superior feeder insect compared to the traditional European House Cricket ( Acheta domesticus) for a variety of reasons. Here are the top 9 reasons you should be feeding your pets banded crickets: IMG_20150608_154953 1. Banded Crickets live longerCompared to European house crickets, banded crickets have a longer lifespan. Banded crickets can easily live almost twice as long as other crickets! 2. Banded Crickets are easier to keepBanded Crickets are much more forgiving of improper care, and are tolerant of a wider range of temperature and humidity conditions compared to European House Crickets. This means banded crickets are easier for you to keep for longer periods of time! Simply store them in a container with plenty of ventilation (a Cricket Keeper works for up to 100 large crickets, or a 10 gallon tank with screen top can store up to 500), some egg crate, a quality cricket food and moisture source, and they'll keep for weeks! Make sure to clean and remove and DOAs frequently.


3. Banded Crickets have a quieter callTired of being kept up at night by feeder crickets yelling in the other room? Banded crickets have a much quieter call compared to other feeder crickets! 4. Banded Crickets are more digestableBanded Crickets have a softer exoskeleton than other popular species of feeder cricket. Coupled with the fact that female banded crickets do not have wings, banded crickets are much more digestible than the European House Cricket. Even though adult banded crickets are slightly smaller than house crickets, their is more digestible material.

IMG_20150608_152008 (1)

5. Banded Crickets are more activeBanded Crickets are much more active than other crickets on the market. At Josh's Frogs, we've found our animals to be much more interested in the crickets than other species. 6. Banded Crickets contain more proteinBanded Crickets contain more protein than European house crickets. Protein is necessary for your pet to build and repair tissue. Banded crickets are a great source of protein for your omnivorous, insectivorous, or carnivorous pets! Remember - the better the food you feed your crickets, the better food your crickets will be for your pets! Consider Josh's Frogs Cricket Foods - we make them here, and use them with our own animals!| Protein 16% | Fat 8% | Fiber 2% | Moisture 70% | 7. Banded Crickets do not stinkIt's been our experience that banded crickets naturally have much less odor than other crickets and feeder insects. While it's still important to keep your feeder insects clean, banded crickets will smell better! 8. Banded Crickets now ship directly from Josh's FrogsIn order to provide our customers with a better value, Josh's Frogs is now shipping cricket orders directly from our facility in Owosso, Michigan! This means that crickets can be shipped with other feeder insects, plants, and dry goods from our site, and that we're directly handling all orders instead of a third party!


9. Banded Crickets can be shipped for cheap!Because crickets are now shipping directly from our facility, we can offer much cheaper shipping options than previously, while providing the same great live arrival and 3 day guarantee on all cricket purchases! Crickets can ship via USPS Priority Mail, which is much cheaper than the previously mandated UPS Overnight service.So what are you waiting for? Hop on over to and buy your pets Banded crickets today!


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