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The Benefits of Water Changes in an Aquarium

benefits of water changes in an aquarium A successful aquarium will need to complete what is called a nitrogen cycle. This is the process in which beneficial bacteria living within your tank breaks down the waste of the fish, along with the buildup of any uneaten food. Water changes will be needed to help aid this process and make for a clean and healthy environment for your fish.


I would recommend a weekly water change of 10-20% to maintain healthy parameters. Although the amount of water changed and how often can vary for many reasons such as:
  • Size of aquarium
  • Type of fish being housed
  • Quantity of fish
  • Desired water quality
  • Availability to perform water changes


Water changes may become necessary for unexpected reasons, such as:
  • Cloudy water
  • Undesired water quality
  • Sluggish and/or dead fish
  • Diseases


Water changes can be performed in different ways depending on the size of the setup you have. The most common and easiest way is with the use of a siphon and a bucket. STEP 1. Scrub any algae buildup on glass or decorations with the use of an aquarium approved sponge or scraper. Be sure the item you're using is also appropriate for the tank material (i.e. glass vs. acrylic).  STEP 2. Use the siphon to skim through the substrate at the bottom of the tank to remove waste. If you have live plants in your tank, just be sure to be more careful around the plants, so the roots are not disturbed.  STEP 3. Change or rinse any filter media (if needed). STEP 4. Prepare water to replace what was removed with water conditioner and dechlorinator ( water should be close as possible to temp of aquarium - room temp is usually acceptable) STEP 5. Add water to your tank.STEP 6. Celebrate the health and happiness of your fish for having a cleaner environment in which to thrive.

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