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Why Should I Sell Frogs in my Store?

Amphibians are becoming a very popular option in the pet trade today and could be an excellent addition to your store. As the current head of breeding operations and previous social media manager at Josh's Frogs, I can give you several good reasons why selling frogs are worth considering.

poison dart frog diversity

1. Dart Frogs Attract New Customers

Bright, colorful, active frogs have a habit of attracting attention. Their bright aposematic coloration may function to warn predators of their toxicity in the wild, but in captivity these harmless amphibians shine like a beacon in a pet store.Generally housed in a breathtaking vivarium full of live plants, dart frogs are sure to grab any passersby's attention. The hobbyist community surrounding dart frogs tends to be very selective about where they shop for pet supplies and frogs - selling healthy, captive bred dart frogs and naturalistic vivarium supplies opens your business up to a whole new group of customers.

2. Dart Frogs Increase Reputation

Everyone wants to be 'the man' they can turn to who has the difficult/uncommon animals. Dart frogs have previously had an undeserved reputation for being difficult to keep, especially in a pet store. This couldn't be further from the truth. When housed properly (something we can help you with) and purchased from a quality breeder (healthy, captive bred dart frogs are the way to go!), success is easily attainable. Be the pet store that is known for providing healthy dart frogs, and watch your customer base grow.

dendrobates tinctorius azureus for sale poison dart frog joshs frogs naturalistic vivarium (2)

3. Dart Frogs Are Growing in Popularity

Josh's Frogs has been in business for 13 years now, and dart frogs are currently more popular than they've ever been before. People are desperate for a source of healthy, captive bred dart frogs, and many would prefer to buy them locally and avoid the shipping cost associated with online sale.Many pet stores are beginning to stock dart frogs - if your competition doesn't yet, they will soon! PetAge Magazine even touched on the growing popularity of amphibians are part of the exotic animals pet segment (read their article here).

4. Dart Frogs Are Profitable

Dart Frogs have a great retail markup. A dart frog purchased wholesale at $25 can generate a retail price of $75 or more! Not only that, but there are plenty of dart frog specific products your customers will need to purchase to keep their new froggy friend. Substrates, plants, enclosures, all generally have a great markup. Not to mention fruit flies - a store can purchase supplies to make their own cultures at about $1 each, and sell that culture for $9.99! Best of all, your customers will need to purchase a new culture every 2 weeks or so. That's a better markup than crickets! 12x12x18_complete_kit_picture_1_1If you're interested in adding frogs to your store, give us a call! Josh's Frogs has a wholesale program and offers personalized assistance. Give us a call to get started at 800-691-8178 or send an email to [email protected]

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