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Which Repashy SuperFood do I need?

Repashy Superfoods consist of some of the best prepared dry diets for reptiles, amphibians, and feeder insects. In this blog, we'll examine the different dry food lines offered by Josh's Frogs and look at which one is best for you! Remember, ALL REPASHY FOODS ship FREE from Josh's Frogs!


Repashy Crested Gecko Diet

Without the introduction of Repashy Crested Gecko Diet (commonly called MRP or Meal Replacement Powder), it's doubtful the crested gecko hobby would be what it is today. This revolutionary formula allowed for the raising and breeding of crested geckos entirely on one dry food, eliminating the need for live feeder insects or expensive fruit purees. The CLASSIC formula is the Repashy diet that originally took the hobby by storm, and is widely preferred by long term crested gecko breeders worldwide. The Latest Version is a result of the latest developments in reptile nutritional research. This food is great for fruit eating geckos (such as Crested Geckos and Phelsuma/Day Geckos), and as a supplemental offering to other herps that enjoy a bit of fruit (skinks, anoles, and others).


Repashy Day Gecko MRP

When it comes to brightly colored, diurnally active geckos, day geckos (Phelsuma) are the first that come to mind. When it comes to prepared day gecko diets, Repashy's Day Gecko MRP should come to mind! Designed to be a complete diet for Day Geckos, Repashy Day Gecko MRP can also be fed in conjunction with feeder insects (properly dusted with a vitamin/mineral supplement). Repashy Day Gecko diet is perfect for Day geckos, and as a treat for crested geckos, fruit eating lizards, iguanas, and mourning geckos.


Repashy Grubs ""N"" Fruit Gecko Diet

Repashy Grubs ""N"" Fruit Gecko Diet is a great supplemental food for all fruit eating geckos, and for those herps who enjoy a bit of fruit and bugs in their diet. Combining the sweet fruity tones of Repashy Crested Gecko Diet with the high calcium content of Black Soldier Fly Larvae, this powdered diet is a great dietary addition for tons of herps, including crested geckos, day geckos, leachies, gargoyle geckos, tegus, mourning geckos, iguanas, and others.


Repashy Savory Stew

Repashy Savory Stew is a meal replacement gel designed to be fed to omnivorous reptiles and amphibians. Simply mix the power with hot water and let set! Using quality ingredients such as kelp, squid, sardines, krill, and whole lot of vitamin and mineral sources, Repashy Savory Stew can be fed as a complete diet, or a supplemental food, to turtles, box turtles, aquatic frogs, skinks, tegus, bearded dragons, and other omnivorous herps.


Repashy Meat Pie

Repashy Meat Pie is the perfect premade diet for your carnivorous reptiles and amphibians. Made from whole animal meal (and a whole lot more!), Repashy Meat Pie should be mixed with hot water and allowed to set before feeding. Repashy Meat Pie can be feed as a treat or staple diet to carnivorous reptiles and amphibians, such as newts, salamanders, aquatic frogs, turtles, monitors, tegus, and a whole lot more! Repashy Meat Pie also makes a great treat for omnivorous reptiles, such as skinks or box turtles.


Repashy Bug Burger

Repashy Bug Burger is an all-in-one food and water source for feeder insects. Simply mix the dry powder with boiling water and let it set. Repashy Bug Burger can be refrigerated to extend shelf life. This food is great for crickets, roaches, millipedes, isopods, and other omnivorous/herbivorous insects.  


Repashy Superload

Repashy Superload is one of the best formulated dry insect gutloads available. Full of essential vitamins and minerals (plus natural color enhancers!), Repashy Superload makes a great ""last meal"" for your feeder bugs - simply feed Repashy Superload coupled with a healthy water source, such as carrot or sweet potato. Feed Repashy Superload to your feeder bugs for at least 24 hours (48 hours is better) before feeding them out to your pets. Feed Repashy Superload to superworms, mealworms, crickets, and roaches.  

Repashy Superfly

Repashy Superfly is the Repashy Instant Formula for Drosophila Culture. This Premium Mixture is fortified with Minerals, Trace Elements, Vitamins, and Carotenoids in order to Maximize the Nutritional Value of Fruit Flies when they are Used as Feeders.    


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