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Preparing Pets for Cold Weather

Preparing pets for cold weather

If you experience the four seasons like we do here in Michigan, you probably know that winter can be a dangerous time for your cold-blooded pets if you're not prepared. Here are some tips to keep them warm and happy this winter.

To compensate for a colder house, update the heat sources. If you use heat lamps, install higher wattage bulbs. Even if you don't need more heat, now is a good time to replace your old bulbs. UVB bulbs will put out less UVB light over time, so most manufacturers recommend replacement every six months. You can also add a second heat source, especially to address those colder overnight lows, but be careful. Always use a thermostat to prevent overheating.

If you live in an area where winter power outages are common, start planning for them now. Keep insulating materials like blankets, towels, and bubble wrap handy to wrap your enclosures when the power fails. This may be enough to get your pet through a brief outage. For longer outages, consider using battery-powered elements, or powering your animal equipment with a generator.

In addition to the cold, winter can also bring drier air, so keep a close eye on those hygrometers. You'll know your pet needs more humidity if it has a tough time shedding. You may need to mist more often or add moisture-retaining elements like sphagnum moss to keep the humidity where it needs to be.

Preparing pets for cold weather

If you have questions preparing your pets for cold weather, we are here to help offer advice.

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