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Online vs Store Bought Crickets: A Clear Victor

Quick! You only have a few days left before you're out of crickets. The pet store is half an hour away. You could make the hour+ drive and bring home a couple dozen, or you could order online. What do you do?As I'm sure you've noticed, Josh's Frogs sells crickets. A LOT of crickets. We generally send out more than half a million crickets on a slow week! As such, I feel like I'm in a pretty good position to discuss the benefits of purchasing crickets online vs picking some up at the pet store.Of course, I am a bit partial (buy from us!), but purchasing crickets online is 100% the way to go about 90% of the time. Crickets on Egg Crate Crickets on Egg Crate 

Bulk Crickets are Cheaper

When you purchase crickets online, they are a LOT less expensive. Crickets can be 12 cents or more each at a big box pet store - that's $120 per thousand!We sell thousand counts of many different sized crickets for $15.99. Even after shipping, you're saving about 400% easily.don't need 1,000 crickets? I can't relate to that, but we do sell 500 counts, 250 counts, and even as few as 60 crickets at a time.

More Sizes to Choose From

How many times have you gone to the pet store, only to have to choose between ""small"" crickets and ""large"" crickets?If you feed a cricket that's too large, it may pose a health risk to your pet. If you feed an undersized cricket, your critter is going to have to eat a ton more to fill up, costing you a lot more money.Josh's Frogs carries pinhead, 1/8"", 1/4"", 1/2"", 3/4"", and adult crickets. We're also more than happy to help you choose the perfect size for your pet. Cricket Size Comparison Cricket Size Comparison

Farm Fresh Bugs

Our crickets are delivered to us straight from the farm 3 times a week. Most pet stores get crickets once a week.Even after time spent in the mail, they're at your door in short order. The fresher the bugs, the longer they'll last for you. Cricket Boxes Cricket Boxes


Not only does ordering crickets online save you a car trip and potential interaction with other people (yuck!), but ordering from Josh's Frogs means your crickets can be delivered along with any other reptile and amphibian supplies you may need.You place the order, and a bit later a box magically shows up with the goods. It doesn't get much more convenient than that!

Life Insurance

All of our bugs come with a life insurance policy - we guarantee they'll arrive alive and healthy, or we'll reship you bugs free of charge or refund your account. We do have some restrictions based on shipping method chosen and your weather conditions, so make sure to read our guidelines for further information.[button-green url="" target="""" position="center"]View the Josh's Frogs Live Arrival Guarantee[/button-green]So what are you waiting for? Hop on over to Josh's Frogs and order up some crickets! They're nutritious, delicious, inexpensive, and exactly what you (and your pets) are looking for.[button-green url="" target="""" position="center"]buy crickets now[/button-green]

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