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Native Frog and Toad Kit

Josh's Frogs Native Frog and Toad Kit is designed to aid in the care of native small frogs or toads. Please keep in mind that this is a very general kit designed to temporarily house various common species of frogs and toads - while the products contained in the kit will help keep a wide variety of native frogs and toads, amphibian husbandry needs vary widely, and the particular species of interest may require additional equipment/different care. Many common large, active frogs, such as bullfrogs or green frogs, are far too active to be housed in such a small enclosure. Know your laws, and know the care needs of the amphibian of interest.

Exo Terra's Large Faunarium is a perfect enclosure for 1-2 small sized species of native toad, tree frog, or frog. The lightweight plastic enclosure and vented top make containing your frogs or toads easy. Josh's Frogs Coco Cradle substrate is made from quality, fine ground coconut fiber. Coconut fiber is excellent for holding humdity and is very easily cleaned. For most species of frogs and toads, the coco cradle substrate should be kept slightly moist, but not wet. When the substrate is squeezed in your hand, no water should run out, and the substrate should clump together. Make sure to clean out the substrate every 2 weeks, if not more frequently. Cork Bark naturally resists breaking down in a humid environment, and provides a great place for your Solomon Island Leaf Frog to hang out under, as well as on. When you change the substrate, scrub this cork bark clean and allow to air dry. Plastic Plants serve multiple functions in a frog's enclosure. Not only do they provide hiding and climbing spaces, but plastic plants also collect water droplets and aid in maintaining moderate levels of humidity, as well as just look good!Frogs and Toads require clean, fresh water in a dish in order to remain healthy. Change the water in the dish daily, and make sure to use nonchlorinated water.Keep the native frogs or toads humid with this handy squirt bottle! You'll want to use only distilled or reverse osmosis water to mist your pets. Mist 2-3 times a day (maybe more), to maintain a humidity level of 50% or more. Humidity needs vary with species, so do your research!Please keep in mind that specific care requirements will vary widely, depending on the species being kept. This kit is only intended as a starting point for temporary housing of frog and toad species. Please do your research, and know your laws.

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